High School Camps and Clinics

Diverse Programs OR Full Summer Tryout Prep: You Choose!

Champion offers summer-long training for high school players through a mix of evening clinics and day camps. Players can mix and match our programming with a variety of pricing options OR they can take advantage of the progression of training we offer throughout the summer to fully prepare for the rigors of a full high school soccer season.  Our training progression begins with building a solid base of technical skills and conditioning, peaks the first two weeks in August, and then tapers back down to get player’s bodies feeling fit and fresh for tryouts in late August.

Summer Training Schedule

  • In late June through late July we offer twice-a-week 2-hour skills and scrimmaging clinics (split between Wayland and Belmont locations).  Each clinic focuses on one of core technical skills (receiving, dribbling, ball striking etc.), while also giving players a chance to apply these skills in small sided scrimmaging.  TRAINING PROGRESSION: These clinics are meant to keep a base level fitness, and are meant to be coupled with additional training (other practices, other clinics, workouts, etc.)
  • In late July, we offer four consecutive, 2-hour skill and conditioning clinics (in both Wayland and Belmont locations simultaneously). These clinics are almost exclusively off the ball, focusing on agility, quickness, speed, endurance, and injury prevention.  TRAINING PROGRESSION: These clinics are scheduled with the goal to ramp up conditioning heading into our full day camps, and ultimately our Elite Development program offered the second week in August week (AKA our “Team Camp”) .
  • In the first week of August, we offer CSS Skill and Development camps in both Belmont and Wayland.  Our focus is to continue to build foundational technical skills, introduce tactical aspects, and continue to maintain a strong level of fitness.  TRAINING PROGRESSION: This week of camp is meant to be the final preparation heading into the climax of summer training.
  • In the second week of the August, we offer our CSS Elite program.  There are three separate groups: boys freshman, the 10-12th grade boy’s group, and a 9th-12th girls group. TRAINING PROGRESSION: With two weeks remaining before high school tryouts, this should be a player’s peak training week.  More details below.
  • Our final week and a half we offer conditioning clinics to maintain a peak level of fitness. We offer four consecutive, 2-hour skill and conditioning clinics, have Friday – Sunday off, and then end with two additional clinics Monday and Tuesday. TRAINING PROGRESSION: The purpose of these clinics is to maintain the gains made from previous training, while avoiding the rigors of a 6-hour camp day to keep bodies feeling fresh for the first day of tryouts (Thursday).

In all of our High School co-ed training, we try our best to separate genders.  Often we combine genders for skill building drills (when there are no defenders), but then separate during competitive drills (scrimmaging, 1 v 1, 2 v 2 etc.)

Program Descriptions

  • Skill and Development Day Camp: Our CSS High Development Program  involves extensive focus on the four factors of player development: technical, tactical, physical and psychological. Physically, players are pushed to attain a higher level of fitness. Psychologically, players are immersed in a more competitive atmosphere.  Players follow our SHARP blocks which reviews foundational skills, encourages players to explore new technical techniques and receive basic tactical training.  ALong with our 90 minute SHARP blocks, players compete in 3 v 3, 5 v 5 and full sided games daily. Although speed, agility and endurance are focused on 2-3 times during the week, our High Development program are  less intense than our Elite Development program, and cater to players who are perhaps hoping to make their freshman or JV high school teams. However, because of our low coach to player ratio, more advanced players who attend these day camp programs can receive more personalized attention to take their game to the next level.
  • Elite Camp: This is our most intense camp of the season and follows our CSS Elite
    A one-on-one evaluation to discuss ways to improve for the season.

    A one-on-one evaluation to discuss ways to improve for the season.

    Development Program.  The Belmont and Wayland boy’s varsity team coaches run a program that prepares players for the rigorous of a full high school season. The Elite Development program builds off the High Program and incorporates an intensive physical component. Players participate in multiple conditioning, speed/agility and strength training sessions throughout the program. The Elite program encourages a high level of competition throughout the week.  Technical and tactical skills/techniques are modeled through a variety of drills. A portion each morning is dedicated to speed/agility, endurance, or general conditioning and the afternoons are reserved for small and large sided scrimmaging.  Along with an evaluation, players also receive a one on one meeting with a coach.  For our Elite Programs, most if not all of our coaches have college playing experience from the likes of Brandeis, Tufts, and Wesleyan to name a few.  We often get upwards of 70 players enroll in these camps, and therefore, the quality of play is very high.


  • Skills and Scrimmaging Clinics: These clinics are meant to maintain your “soccer legs” throughout the summer.  These clinics are less intense than the “Skills and Conditioning Clinics” later in the summer.  Rotating between Belmont and Wayland, these clinics are great to maintain your fitness level to avoid injury during more advanced workouts to come.
  • Hard at work with on-the-ball conditioning

    Hard at work with on-the-ball conditioning

    Conditioning Clinics: These clinics are more intense, focusing on helping players attain that next level of fitness needed to play at the highest level.  Speed/Agility drills, endurance training, and strength exercises are implemented in a precise way to create a balanced program.  Warm-ups and Cool-Downs are strategically run to prevent injury and to encourage muscle recovery. Players should bring running shoes as well as cleats for these sessions.

Dynamic warm-up at our Elite Day Camp.

Essential Information

What to Bring

Day Camps

Evening Clinics

  • Cleats
  • Shin Guards
  • Running Shoes
  • Lunches (no refrigerator is available so pack accordingly)
  • Snack (optional)
  • Water Bottle (we have water and cups but please help us reduce our waste)
  • Sunscreen (we will have some on site in case you forget)
  • Physical with immunizations within 2 years of start of camp
  • Medication Form (optional – only bring this if you have medications to dispense)
  • Cleats
  • Shin Guards
  • Running Shoes (conditioning clinics only)
  • Water
  • Soccer Ball
  • Medication Form (optional – only bring this if you have medications to dispense)

What You Receive


When Received

How to Qualify

Evaluation of your soccer skills, teamwork, and cooperation Last day of each full-week day camp Any camper who signs up for a day camp
Moisture-Wicking Camp T-Shirt Last day of first week of your first day camp (one per year) Any camper who signs up for a day camp
NFHS-approved Select Ball Issued on the first day of your first day camp (one per year) Any camper who signs up for a day camp.
Long sleeve moisture-wicking shirt Given at the end of the week of your first week of camp (one per year) Campers attending at least one day camp AND registered by July 3
Champion 1/4 zip Given at one of the August Team Camps (one per year) Campers registered for “Champion High School Summer Pass” AND registered by July 3

Where, When, and Who

  • All programs are co-ed for players entering grades 9-12; see Schedule & Pricing information for details about location and dates.


  • Clinics take place 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm (skills and scrimmaging) and 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm (conditioning) and day camps take place 9 am – 3 pm

Weather Policy

  • We will try to make-up any sessions missed due to weather. We will post any cancellations on our news and updates and Facebook page for weather-related cancellations (you do not need a Facebook account to see this post). You can assume the session is on unless we post otherwise.
  • Day camps are very rarely cancelled as we typically have some gym space for day camps in the event of lightning.
  • Evening clinics are sometimes cancelled due to late afternoon summer lightning storms.
  • See our refund policy for more information.