Champion Soccer School (CSS) is in our 18th year and runs soccer camps, multi-sport camps, and evening clinics throughout the summer at locations in Wayland and Belmont for boys and girls entering grades K-12. CSS also runs Winter and Spring soccer clinics and placements for local youth town programs (contact us if interested).

  • 2020 Registration is open. Weeks and prices (day camps run 9 am to 3 pm–because of COVID-related restrictions, we will not be running extended day):
    • Belmont Multi Sport & Soccer Day Camps: July 6-August 28 (gr 2-8) [$205/wk]
    • Wayland Soccer Day Camps: July 20-August 14 at Claypit Hill (gr K-8) [$225/wk]
    • Middle School Elite Soccer Day Camp: July 27-31 at Claypit Hill (gr 7-8) [$240/wk]
    • Freshman Introductory Day Camp: July 27-31 at Claypit Hill (gr 9) [$240/wk]
    • High School Elite Technical Day Camp: August 3-7 at PQ Park [$250/wk]
    • High School Elite Scrimmaging Day Camp: August 10-14 at Wayland High [$250/wk]
    • High School Off-The-Ball Evening Conditioning Clinics: June 30 and July 2, (via Zoom and free); July 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, and 23 likely in-person ($10 each at Wayland)
    • Grade 9-10 CIT program available in Wayland only.
  • View our 2020 Schedule & Pricing.
  • See our News and Updates page for up-to-the minute information about any cancellations and other news.